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Kids helping Kids is Powerful

Will you help a MN foster child by hosting a lemonade stand fundraiser?

We are excited about summer!

We would love for you to raise money for us to grant  wishes to MN foster youth. 

Will you help?


  • You choose date, time and location to host your lemonade stand

  • Fill out the form

  • We will mail you a kit which includes:


           Flyers to pass out to your customers

           Adoption is Love Swag

           Return Envelope to mail back your                       donation

Feel free to post photos on our Facebook Page & Instagram

Mial in you donation and we will send you a free all day wristband to Nickelodeian Univers e at the mall of america and a care pin that says you care about kids.

Adoption i Love cars about Kids.  What do you care about? Care about something!
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