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There are 2 parts to each wish request.

Be sure to hit the SUBMIT button on the first form

before you fill out the additional form.

Wish requests must come from a Social Worker or other Professional. We do not take request from foster/adoptive parents or youth

Refer a MN Foster Child for a Wish

Part 1 of 2

You must hit SUBMIT before filling out part 2

Part 2 of 2

Adoption is Love Fund uses an online platform to find donors for our wishes. 

We are requesting this information to help us find  a donor to grant the wish. 


This is your chance to tell the world why they are so special!

Example:  Sally is an amazing girl, who is a great older sister to 2 younger siblings living in her foster home.  Though foster care has been rough for Sally, she has remained hopeful and is focused on doing well in school. She can be described as sweet, caring and fun!

Example: Dante loves being outside.  He really misses the bike that he had before coming into foster care.  He wants to be able to ride to his friend’s houses and it will allow him to get some exercise.

Our wish coordinator will get back to you by email to let you know if this wish fits our guidelines.

Some wishes can take up to 90 days to be fulfilled.

Adoption is Love will always try to honor the child's wish. If we are not able to fulfill this wish as requested, we will work with you to help find alternative wishes

so no child is denied."