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Granting A Wish to a MN Foster Child is an Act of Love

January Wishes To Fill:
Wishes Granted:

The following wishes have been granted and are looking for donors:

Individual Wishes:

Z is a ward of the state and wanted to travel to see some of her birth family.  We gave her money towards travel expenses:

Wish #91             $100

B has had several surgeries and loves to dance.  B received dance lessons so she can make new friends and pursue her passion for dance.

Wish # 81            $200

You do not need to grant the entire amount of a wish. 

Feel free to donate to a portion of the wish.

To make an online donation:

If you would like to mail a check made out to:

Adoption is Love Fund

3130 W Owasso Blvd

Roseville, MN 55113

This list is updated on the 1st of each month. 

Adoption is Love Fund will use your donation to grant the specific wish you requested or

use the donation to grant another wish as needed.

Thank you for impacting a MN foster child's life.

For confidentiality, only the first letter of the child's name is given. ​


  • Second pair of eye glasses for S.

  • Doll Clothes for D.

  • Sensory Swing for V.

  • Lighted Play Tent for T.

  • Christmas Tree for C,C, S & J.

  • Tickets to United Game for 

  • Guitar for B & J.

  • Flute for J

  • Basketball Hoop for J.

  • Driver's Ed Class for J, J

  • Gymnastics Classes for M.

  • Vikings Game for E & his foster mom

  • Bike for K, S, K, R, & 4 more siblings.

  • Valleyfair tickets to A, E, J & S.

  • Concert tickets for A.

  • Dance lessons for B.

  • Gymnastics lessons for E.

  • Dance lessons for E.

  • Writing class for K.

  • Professional senior photos for D.

  • Funding for A to attend camp.

  • Two foster families free pontoon boat ride from Fishing For Fun.

  • MN State Fair concert tickets for A.

  • Twins tickets for A, D, & M.

  • Flute for D.

  • Playhouse for R.

  • Valleyfair tickets for a family of 6.

  • Week of camp for A.

  • Nickelodeon wristbands for X.

  • Basketball hoop for C.

  • Keyboard for A.

  • Clarinet for J.

  • Cheerleading for E.

  • Senior party for F.

  • Summer camp for B.

  • Golf clubs for C.

  • Valleyfair tickets for A & A.

  • Television for S.

  • Weighted blanket for M.

  • Basketball camp for J.

  • Trumpet for J.

  • Music class for O.

  • Trumpet for D.

  • Bikes for C & C.

  • Drawing class for F.

  • Camp for A.

  • Tablet for S.

  • MN Zoo tickets for foster family.

  • Basketball hoop for N.

  • Bike for N.

  • Graduation gift for K.

  • Bike for G.

  • Weighted blanket for M.

  • Tablet for A.

  • Leappad for K.

  • Hair styling for L.

  • Vallyfair tickets for L.

  • Camp for G, S, & J.

  • Valleyfair tickets for J & T.

  • MN State Fair tickets for V.

  • Basketball camp for Q.

  • Bikes for A, C & N.

  • Summer camp for J, L & S.

  • Bike for J.

  • Hair braiding for A.

  • Bike for M.

  • Dance classes for L.

  • Flute for J.

  • 3 Families to the Harlem Globe Trotters

  • 20 Foster kids to timberwolves game.

  • Concert tickets for A & T.

  • Professional senior photos for A.